8th International IUPAC Symposium
«Macro- and Supramolecular Architectures and Materials» (MAM-17)

Multifunctional Materials and Structures

Exhibition & Sponsorship

Symposium MAM-17 is a global event in the field of macromolecular and supramolecular architectures and materials as well as multifunctional realms and their application. Professionals from all over the world will attend the Symposium, interesting new technologies and research results will be presented there. 

MAM-17 will bring together top scientists and experts from all over the world to share and discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about novel materials and to chart out future scientific and technological research directions.

Plenary and breakout sessions, poster sessions, contest for young scientists are scheduled within the framework of the event. Specialized exhibition, where the leading domestic and foreign companies will present their products and developments, will be arranged as part of the Symposium.

We invite companies to mutually profitable partnership within the framework of the Symposium and offer a number of opportunities for comprehensive participation of your company in MAM-17, which will allow you both to participate in the scientific program and the discussion of topical issues and questions, and introduce to a wider audience of experts your developments.

For questions about sponsorship and participation in the exhibition:

Ilya Gudovich
Tel .: +7 (916) 528 71 05


InOil Research and Production Group is a developer and producer of a unique product – the GreenBooster multifunctional additive for gasoline, diesel fuel, and fuel oil. The developed technologies are aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in the industry sectors that use thermal combustion energy, and they allow to significantly reduce the environmental load of vehicles, railway and water transport, boilers and furnaces which burn hydrocarbon fuel.
The GreenBooster series products do not change the physical and chemical properties of the base fuel, instead they change its combustion process, significantly reducing the toxicity indicators of the exhaust gases.
GreenBooster product line ensures fuel consumption and exhaust gases decrease due to composition of the combinations that decrease surface tension on the air-fuel boundary. Uniformity of fuel spray in the combustion chamber and decrement of the fuel drops allow to reach more homogeneous mixing with the oxidant in the inflammable mixture.

ESN Group

ESN Group
Established in 1991 by Mr. Grigory Berezkin the ESN Group is a privately held leading Russian private equity group.
Initially focusing primarily on the oil sector ESN has successfully diversified its investment portfolio into currently infrastructure, energy, engineering, innovations and media sectors.
With headquarters in Moscow, ESN is primarily focused on investments in Russia and CIS.
ESN Group has good working relationships with major Russian financial investment groups and good reputation with local and national authorities.
ESN has multiyear, successful track record of investments into large and medium size companies in Russia and worldwide and is reputed as a reliable and trusted partner by both local and international investors/industrial groups, such as ENEL, Gazprom, ENI, Gazpromneft, Lukoil, Transneft, Metro International, RAO UES, Russian Railways, etc.


EuroChem is a vertically integrated agrochemical company, combining low-cost natural resources and production bases supported by wholly-owned logistics assets and a global advisory, sales and distribution platform.
We currently manufacture nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers and will soon launch potash operations to further enhance our product mix. Our range is of high-quality and includes standard and commodity products as well as a growing slow release and specialty fertilizer product offering, on which there is greater emphasis.
Our production base is becoming more international, with assets in Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Belgium, plus a joint venture in China. These assets have ready access to key markets through our logistics and distribution network that currently covers more than 25 countries.

LECO Corporation

LECO Corporation
LECO Corporation is a global leader in high-quality analytical Instrumentation, mass spectrometers, metallography and optical equipment, and related consumables. LECO Separation Science products are world recognized as leading advanced technologies in TOFMS Mass Spectrometry and Comprehensive Chromatography. Fast GC-TOFMS systems with ChromaTOF® software dedicated to a comprehensive sample analysis; GCxGC- systems offer increased separation power. New High Resolution TOFMS systems combine high speed, resolution, mass accuracy, and wide dynamic range. Pegasus GC-HRT 4D allows to combine all with comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography. Over the past 80 years, customers around the world have trusted LECO to provide analytical solutions for a variety of applications, including environment and agriculture, energy and fuels, foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, plant and human metabolomics, forensic and toxicology, flavour and fragrance analysis.

Alianta Group

Alianta Group
Alianta Group is one of the oldest wine selling companies in Russia that started off together with the history of Russian alcohol market. Next year we will turn 25 years old. During these years, from an importing company we turned into a modern multi-channel holding company with branches in the biggest cities of Russia, with vast distributional chain, smoothly running logistics and strong partnership with the leading companies in all sales channels. According to statistics, Alianta Group is one of TOP-5 wine and spirits companies in Russia, and in some categories (sparkling wines, wines of Spain and USA) is a stable leader of the market.
Some figures about Alianta Group:

  • Founded in 1993;
  • 4 branches in the biggest cities of Russia: Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar; and NTS: a logistic company that serves railway trains;
  • Over 50 000 employees;
  • 1000 skus of wines and spirits in the portfolio;
  • Around 1 mln decalitres if imported produce yearly;
  • 3 Wine Express wine bars on Moscow's three most important railway stations.

Двадцатилетняя история компании — важный рубеж, подтверждающий стабильность компании, ее лидирующую роль на рынке. Благодаря развитой дистрибьюторской сети ассортимент «Алианты Групп» представлен практически во всех регионах России.
Среди клиентов компании – лучшие рестораны и бутики, ведущие федеральные и локальные сети, розничные магазины, а так же частные и корпоративные клиенты.
«Алианта Групп» — не просто виноторговая компания, но и команда единомышленников, уделяющая огромное значение винному образованию и продвижению культуры потребления высококачественных вин.

Novomichurinsk Catalyst Plant LTD

Novomichurinsk Catalyst Plant LTD

1 Promyshlennaya st., Novomichurinsk,
Pronsk district, Ryazan region, 391160, Russia
Tel.: +7 (49141) 4 11 35
Fax: +7 (49141) 2 23 31
E-Mail: mail@nkz-ooo.ru

Novomichurinsk Catalyst Plant LTD is a rapidly growing company involved into industrial production of chemical substances. High technology methods and modern equipment applied by the Plant ensure the production process fully complying with international standards.
The main activity of the Plant is manufacture of catalysts used in chemical and petrochemical industries based in aluminum oxide and designed for gas purification from sulfur-bearing substances.
The catalysts have been widely applied, as the technology, formulation and treatment regimens have been designed in close collaboration with the leading institutions of the chemical industry.
The problem of sulfur utilization from exhaust gases for metallurgical, chemical, oil and gas processing enterprises is highly urgent. So, to solve this problem and meet the constantly toughening environment protection requirements, our catalysts are used in processes of Claus and Sulfren for desulfurization of gases.